Benefits of using a Separate GA property for Eventbrite Tracking Pixel

Hello there,

I’m following the instructions for setting of tracking pixels and GA Universal analytics. They are clear except for one thing - why would I want to use a separate GA Property for the tracking pixel? Is there a negative impact of using the existing Universal Property I might have set up already?

How does this relate to cross domain tracking - can two different domains post to the same property? Or is that why I need a separate property for the pixel calls from




Hi Alasdair, sorry to read that you’re struggling on this. Can I suggest that you please contact the Eventbrite technical team as this should get you a quicker/more comprehensive response? Their contact details are here:

Hey Alasdair,

Wanting to put in my 2 cents here. You generally don’t want two different domains having the same property, however with an event website and eventbrite ticket page you would. Now you’ll need to make sure you set up cross domain tracking otherwise all of the traffic that lands on your eventbrite page will be registered as ‘Direct Traffic’ no matter what the actual source was. Cross domain tracking passes the information between different domains which is why it’s important here.

Hopefully that can help you a little bit even a year or so later :slight_smile: