Best badges to use for in house badge creation

Hi Everyone!

I am looking for badge recommendations for in house badge creation.
Any suggestions would be most welcome!


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Hi Maria, you might find some helpful input on this thread: Name Badges :(

Hi Maria,

Bit of a late reply, but I found these guys through Indie Hackers - it’s a small company with a really well designed website: Conference Badge. You upload your list of speakers and can print out the badges yourself. It looks fantastic, and you can get the lanyards there too! (they’re kind of our competitors in this space, but i’m happy to promote another small business =)


Hey Maria

This post just made me think of a conference I went to recently where the company name on the name badge was in massive font (way bigger than my own name). Thought this was so handy when networking, as you didn’t have to do that awkward stare/craning of the neck to see if a person was someone who it would be worthwhile talking to!


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