Best CRM systems for event businesses

Just wondering what CRM systems people here are using? Do any in particular lend themselves to events?

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The only CRM system I’m aware of and which has an excellant reputation is Hubspot

Thanks Dewi, useful link. I know HubSpot is one of the CRMs that Eventbrite integrates with. I wonder how many organisers here are still working with spreadsheets or other non-secure databases? These, of course, won’t be compliant with GDPR, so I imagine there will be a big move towards CRMS, even for smaller event organisers?

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Hi Belinda,

How are you? I work with OnePageCRM, a simple, effective CRM. If it’s an easy CRM you’re after then you should give OnePageCRM 21 day free trial a go, Many of our customers have used excel and Google sheets in the past, however, after using a CRM they are more organized in their sales process. If you have any questions I’m happy to help.


Bespoke CRM systems for all events

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