Best planning tools for event day timeline

Hi all, I’m working on my first large scale high quality business networking event and I’m starting on my timeline for the evening itself. Does anyone have a suggestion on the best way to lay it out? I like a gant chart but does anyone have any advice?


Hi Victoria, Thats exciting so first of all best of luck with it! :slight_smile:

PowerPoint have a free gant chart template that you can adapted for your use.

However, my personal preferred way of managing an event is to use an action point list on excel (image below). I send this out regularly to keep everyone informed and as early as day 1 no matter how bare or basic it may look. I also highlight owners and date when they’re overdue.

The actions already included in there are probably not relevant to your particular event but I thought I’d leave them in anyway - just incase any come in handy.



I’m with Julianne on this one Victoria.

I’ve looked at various project management tools in the past, but I like straight forward spreadsheets.

It’s easy to add in (or take out!) tasks as you go and re-use the basic template again and again.

As well as “owner” if there are various “stages” to an event/project, I’ll have columns for that as well so that I can sort by each stage in the process. I organise an Award programme that includes eg Launch Event, Applications, Judging, Award Dinner. I also have a column for “notes” and a final one with links to standard letters, etc.

If I go under a bus, in theory someone else can pick this up and get on with it!

Hope it all goes well!


This is great Julianne. I tend to use the same sort of format, which changes with each event. Keep it simple is my motto. There are loads of free templates and on-line tools available out there, but there is nothing like a straight forward excel spreadsheet with all the relevant data that can be added or deleted accordingly. Then again I am old school.

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