Best Team Scheduling software

Hey everyone,

I work for an Events Production Company, and often work with a large crews of freelancers onsite.

I often manage my team schedules using Excel spreadsheets, that are broken down into 30 minute time slots across the top, and the crew roles/names down the left. I then use a separate software to keep track of my Crew details, Insurance documents, Licenses, Passport details etc.

There are loads of Team Scheduling Software’s available online, but none seem to be able to do all of the below:

  • Manage Crew Information and details, such as Insurance Documents, Day Rates, Passport Details.
  • Manage Crew availability
  • Allow you to create a visible team tracker in an “Excel” format.
  • Allow you to breakdown the timeline into a week with 24 hour days. Our crews often work very different shifts, including overnight builds, so it would be ideal to see these dotted around, rather than “Monday” - these shifts, “Tuesday” - these shifts.
  • The option to “Drag and Drop” crew into different time slots, amend like a gantt chart.

Does anyone have any good options?


Have you checked out Liveforce? It’s a very comprehensive platform.

Thank you @Belinda_Booker, I have looked at Liveforce in detail, it looks great for what it does, but the Team Schedule view is not what I’m looking for.

I’m looking more for a timeline view that is more similar to a Gantt chart than a calendar ?

Hmm, this thread may possibly be of interest:

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Thanks @Belinda_Booker I’ll have a look.

I feel there are so many that almost do what I want, but none do all!