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Hi everyone!

I’m writing here because I want to get all of your advice on something. I work as a freelance marketer, I set up my businesses last year. It’s going well (yay) and one of my clients has asked me to set up an event for the company (not so yay). It’s a big (ish) outdoor event, and I’m in charge of setting it up. The problem is, I have little experience of setting up and carrying out an event for a client – much less one that takes place in the outdoors. From permits, to specific security details, I know there’s a lot I will need to look into. Could you post your tips on any event tech I should look into to get my head wrapped around the details of event spaces? also is there any security tech that will help me? Please also feel free to suggest any apps I could use that keeps all this information in one place so I can stay organised.

Thank you so much!!

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Hi Rebecca,
Sounds like an interesting event! OnePlan is an event site planning platform, which is accessible on a subscription basis. Since launching 6 months ago over 500 events in 32 countries are now using OnePlan to design their site plans. This includes Glastonbury Festival. And we have users who are fairly new to event planning using it too. The key advantages are:

  • Real time collaboration
  • All your event site plans in one place
  • Share view only or editable access to your plans with clients and stakeholders
  • Creates a bill of quantities of all your event infrastructure and human resources
  • Various crowd management tools to help you plan a safe event

If you would like a screenshare demo on OnePlan with one of the team please book via the below link.


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