Best tech for someone fairly new to event planning to get up to speed quickly

Hi to all of you!

I just joined Event Tribe today and trying to wrap my head around the ins and outs of event planning (there’s so much to it). To give some backstory: I’m working as a freelancer in marketing and have recently gotten a new client (yay), and they want me to set up an outdoor event for them (not really yay). The problem is, I have such little experience with organising event - nevermind outdoor events - and I was wondering if any of you had any tips on how I should go about organising this event!

It’s a corporate event, but it’s quite big. I know, more or less, what kind of food, style, aesthetics I want this event to have, but I want to make sure I know about the more specific stuff (safety, security, cloakroom, queuing, a space to relax etc). I wish there was some way to have all this info in one place, but I’m turning to here to ask for your guys’ opinion. How do I make sure everything is in the right place, that it will be efficient, and that I can contact everyone on my team on the day smoothly? How do I go about keeping all this information in one place so I don’t get lost? Any advice on event planning/event management would be great. Be sure to include any tech you think could be useful :slight_smile: Cheers!

I know it sounds a little basic, but I use Microsoft Excel. I’ll utilize the different tabs at the bottom for different facets of the event planning - RSVPs, Catering, Contact Info, Run of Show. My template version of this spreadsheet starts with a list of every possible thing I could have to manager/order (with columns for invoice numbers and notes) , and I highlight everything that applies for the event I’m working on. I’ve spent countless hours toying with project management software, and they’re often too robust for planning events in my opinion.

Hi Rebecca,

Its sounds like you are looking for a project management tool.

The event project management tools include Trello (free), Asana (free/paid) and Basecamp ($99p/m) - you can do a Google search for each tool.

All of these tools will allow you to set up your event to do, manage tasks, upload files (invoices), manage your event financials etc and add your team members. This makes it easier to keep all of your comms in one place :slight_smile:

Hop this helps.


Hi Rebecca,

There is no tool to replace experience. Tools are best used by those who know how to use a tool. Imagine if an artist has no experience then no matter how good a brush you give them their inexperience with using a brush will not help in creating a master piece. The best advice would be to engage someone who has experience to guide you through this process as its an extremely expensive trial and error if you go down that path. We are an event organizer based in Bangkok and have been in the business for over a decade. We have produced hundreds if not thousands of events but we still do not have the experience with all aspects of event planning and still call in the experts with experience to handle areas where we lack experience. You might not make as much profit however you will keep a happy client and will start to build a decent event portfolio if you get it right from the onset. Feel free to reach out to us at Jabu Events