Best tech for someone fairly new to event planning to get up to speed quickly

Hi to all of you!

I just joined Event Tribe today and trying to wrap my head around the ins and outs of event planning (there’s so much to it). To give some backstory: I’m working as a freelancer in marketing and have recently gotten a new client (yay), and they want me to set up an outdoor event for them (not really yay). The problem is, I have such little experience with organising event - nevermind outdoor events - and I was wondering if any of you had any tips on how I should go about organising this event!

It’s a corporate event, but it’s quite big. I know, more or less, what kind of food, style, aesthetics I want this event to have, but I want to make sure I know about the more specific stuff (safety, security, cloakroom, queuing, a space to relax etc). I wish there was some way to have all this info in one place, but I’m turning to here to ask for your guys’ opinion. How do I make sure everything is in the right place, that it will be efficient, and that I can contact everyone on my team on the day smoothly? How do I go about keeping all this information in one place so I don’t get lost? Any advice on event planning/event management would be great. Be sure to include any tech you think could be useful :slight_smile: Cheers!

I know it sounds a little basic, but I use Microsoft Excel. I’ll utilize the different tabs at the bottom for different facets of the event planning - RSVPs, Catering, Contact Info, Run of Show. My template version of this spreadsheet starts with a list of every possible thing I could have to manager/order (with columns for invoice numbers and notes) , and I highlight everything that applies for the event I’m working on. I’ve spent countless hours toying with project management software, and they’re often too robust for planning events in my opinion.