Best Type Of Projector For A Small(ish) Seminar Setup

Hi folks.
We’re laying on a seminar at the end of Feb, which will have a keynote speaker using a laptop and projector/screen.

We don’t have one so I’ve sourced one to borrow from a colleague; but it piqued my interest into seeing how much projectors cost these days in the age of flat screen telly prices coming down.

Was pleased to see that you can get them now for about £70.

Tempted, at some point, (if we do more seminar type events) to buy one so we’ve always got one to hand. My question is for anyone that uses them regularly, what would be the best Lumens brightness to go for?

Many are around 1500-1800 Lumens, some even brighter but naturally the price goes up.

If in a room with an audience of say 50, on a standard sized screen, (projected image around 120" in total), what would be the minimum Lumens value you’d recommend?

Is 1500 too dim for instance?

Interested to hear your thoughts…

Many thanks folks.

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Hi Richard, I have little experience on projectors so can’t help with the spec but you may find this site useful: (recommended by @thesitdownuk) You can hire stuff you don’t use very often or need different types for different venues/events.

Brilliant, thanks for that @MelissaJane, will bookmark that.

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