Big Email List - What to do?

Hey all,

I’ve been away for a while (long vacation, longer story)…hope the community is doing well. Reading through some of the threads, it looks like all is normal, which for an event professional could mean many things :slight_smile:

I recently came into a large mailing list of US-based event promoters (close to 5,000 names) that would benefit from using our site. Wanting to advertise to them without spamming them is a bit of a challenge, though.

We use MailChimp for our mass mails, but their algorithm has flagged our list as something that could trigger spam/abuse filters. We want to maintain our reputation as a legit firm, and are not in the business of spamming.

Anyway, does anyone have any thoughts on how to move forward…legally and ethically, of course!

I think this is a tricky one. Did the people on the list opt in to third party marketing?

That’s the thing…they didn’t opt in, which makes the strategy very unethical, and potentially a reputation-destroying move.

Emailing each promoter individually would be a slog, for sure (even if we did mass mails at ~500 at a time).

Our problem is having the gold mine, but without the tools to actually reap the benefits.

How about using the list for a retargeting campaign, maybe on Facebook?

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That could work. It’d be a slog, for sure…but I think we might be able to make it happen.