Black Friday - for events?

I noticed Ticketmaster was discounting lots of tickets today for Black Friday - have any Tribers run special promotions for their events? How effective are flash sales?

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Funny - I was thinking about this earlier! Some of the theatres are also getting in on the act and they are generally quite good as a sector at creating an event/platform such as Kids Week, Get Into Theatre etc. which gives people a limited amount of time to snap up discounted tickets - thus selling lots of tickets in a short space of time. Could a similar thing work for live events and, if so who would lead that? Ticket agencies? Industry associations?

Well there is UK Events Week (27 Feb-3 Mar) so that could be a good opportunity for promotions (especially for conferences).

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Not for events, but have run BF promotions for ecommerce.

Always see a good boost of sales, albeit discounted ones. Big questions is however, are you generating incremental sales, or is everyone who would’ve purchased in Dec just purchasing earlier and using a discount, which would mean less revenue overall.

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I think with retail now you’re a brave person to decide to not have a BF offer. It seems like this year everyone had something going on and lots of retaillers had BF week/weekend offers expanding the offer window. Didn’t see so much activity around events although Early Bird is generally on offer for most consumer exhibitions it seems. Not sure you get any sales you wouldn’t get later but good to get some cash in the bank early on as most of it will generally come in the two weeks leading up to the event.

I’m not sure if there’s any research that indicates that one way or another but as Melissa says, it gives cashflow a boost so can be worthwhile just for that. Also, it’s just a good excuse to shout about your event :grin:

This sounds interesting as a strategy. As BF/CM are specially designed to boost sales for Christmas, if you want to give someone Christmas present, which is an experience - concert, special event, even conference…, why not. As airlines and travel agencies are doing BF promotions why not events. Make sense. I think that’s a good idea. For my opinion, this may work well for big popular events.

The question is, how much of a deal do you have to offer to make it successful? BF and CM tend to be about big discounts.

30%-50% if there is still business case.