Build-your-own event app

Did anyone else see Beezer on Dragons’ Den? It’s a platform that lets non-techie types easily create and distributes apps. According to its creators it is already gaining traction in the event sector. You can send attendees a link by SMS to download the app directly, meaning you can bypass the app stores.

Has anyone tried it yet? I saw on the demo they did that it had voting capability, but I’m not sure how sophisticated it is beyond that.

I haven’t watched last night’s episode yet but have it recorded. Thanks for the tip.

This certainly sounds interesting. I’ll have a look at it and investigate the costs.

I’ve liked the idea of having an App developed, as the ability to send out push notifications of important things would be handy.

We do have one member in our networking group that is an app developer, and has offered to build us one for free (knowing that we’re a free group) - the only caveat being it’d cost around £100+ p/month for hosting and maintenance etc; something we don’t have a budget for.

So if this will do something fairly simple and have that kind of functionality but not cost a lot then I’ll be very happy.

“To the research lab!”


Yeah £100 a month seems excessive for hosting. Let us know what you discover re. pricing here.

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Pricing certainly isn’t bad - for the ability to send push notifications it’s £20p/m.

At our level being free, it’s still something none of us would want to fork out for unless it was sponsored in some way, but generally pricing seems pretty good.

I don’t fully understand how it works, distribution wise - it seems to suggest that the app can be downloaded in many ways other than a traditional ‘App Store’, so whether it works as some kind of ‘web app’, or equivalent rather than a native-running app, I’m not sure.

But, it looks interesting nonetheless…


Hi - Euan from Beezer here.

We have had several people use Beezer to build their event app and also embed EventBrite using our iFrame component - we are planning to do a deeper integration with EventBrite.

You can embed Schedules, Roster, Delegates lists and more and we have a cool rating and comments Component that allows you to gather feedback on Sessions and Speakers - much more in the pipeline too!

Here is a link to some examples of some recent events:

We have many more upcoming events using the platform.

If you need any help setting up an Event app using Beezer please email

You can register for a free 30 day trial at today :slightly_smiling_face:

Hope that helps

Beezer Euan


We are in the process of building a delegate login feature where delegates can chat with each other at the event and see tailored content specific to their interests. Would this be something of use?

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Thanks for coming over and letting us know more about the product, Euan. The examples you shared look great. Can you just clarify, do the apps run as native apps or are they mobile websites with a homescreen icon?

With regards to the delegate chat feature, how would this work? Private messaging or like a social stream? Ability for the delegates to see who else is attending would be very useful.

Hi Belinda -

Beezer apps are Progressive Web Apps which are the effectively the best of native apps and mobile responsive websites combined.

On Android they are installed as a first class citizen like any other app. On iOS they are ‘Added to the homescreen’. which gives the user an App Icon and fast access to the content. Push Notifications can be sent directly to Android devices and browsers with PWA support and on iOS the notifications are seen ;in-app’

Delegate chat - we are planning both 1-1 private chat and also channel/topic specific streams of chat for all delegates.

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Interesting. Shall look forward to seeing how it develops. Hopefully some of our members will give the free trial a whirl and share the results.

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Certainly looks a good platform @Euan_McCreath!

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