Can anybody recommend a good time tracking app?

As a freelancer working with multiple clients I have to log my hours and currently just do that manually, keeping notes in my diary. I realise this probably isn’t the most efficient way to do it. Anyone got any good tips on tech-based solutions?

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I have used Toggl which is easy to use

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That looks fantastic. Thank you. Love the little promo vid too with the kids - so cute :blush:

I use Hour Tracker, nice & simple to use & it can even start automatically if you are visiting a client on site or a venue often :grin:

Thanks Amanda. That one looks really simple with the “clock in” “clock out” buttons (and it’s free!). Going to give it a whirl :slight_smile:

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Please let me know how you get on. I need this too!

I’ve used it today and it’s excellent. I am aware that I usually work in excess of my agreed hours for some clients but this shows me by just how much. I think I either need to modify what I’m doing or negotiate more hours!

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Oh great! I usually try to over deliver but there is a limit so this will help with that too as well as preparing invoice - hate admin!

It’s nice to have a digital record too, in case you ever need to give clients extra transparency. Just have to remember to hit ‘start’ and ‘stop’, although I see you can also manually change the times logged if you’ve made a mistake.