Can anyone recommend a livechat facility supplier?

I’ve heard that introducing a livechat facility to your website can significantly increase your conversion rate so I was wondering if anyone has gone that route and can recommend a supplier.
Thanks in advance!

In the past, I used to have Zopim on my website which worked quite well - they were then bought by Zendesk and something within my configuration broke, so I just stopped using it at the time.

I’ve heard good things about TawkTo though which is free. Worth a look at certainly.


If you’re website is https, you can easily add Facebook Messenger to your website to provide livechat.


You could also go down the chatbot route. We have one on the Eventbrite blog now:

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Thanks all for your great suggestions & sorry for the delayed reply…I got sidetracked delivering the event. Anyway it transpires that we have a chatbot facility on another site which we can also utilise on the event site so we’re currently testing that out. Great to have some back up plans though!! M