Can anyone recommend any good books? 📕📗📙

Have you read anything that’s inspired you professionally or in your personal life? Are there any amazing business books we should check out? What books will you be taking on holiday this summer? I’m currently halfway through The Chimp Paradox - learning about my inner chimp!

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I’m currently re-reading Dale Carnegie “How to Win Friends and Influence People”. Its a well known classic that must help people in every imaginable sector.

I personally find it helpful to improve how I converse with senior directors and get them to do what I ask in a way that keeps everyone happy. I’m no pro at this just yet but certainly making progress with the help of the book :slight_smile:

Happy reading!


That one’s been on my radar for a while. I’m trying to get my husband to agree to move to the country, so might need some of the tactics in this book :wink:

Haha! Well, I hope it works for you :slight_smile:



I can really recommend our director Carl Readers books, The StartUp Coach and The Franchising Handbook. The StartUp Coach is a very interactive book, with Carl guiding you through how best to start a business. Really good read. Also, The Franchising Handbook is a great book if you are looking at getting into franchising and want to know more information about it.
I would also recommend reading Jab, Jab, Jab Right Hook which is all about social media and how best to be using it for your business. It has really helped d&t’s social media recently.

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Thanks Charlotte. I think a lot of people feel confused about using social media for business, so it’s great to have a recommendation. Love the name too!

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I totally agree Belinda. I struggled a lot with social media and reading this book really helped me to understand what you should and shouldn’t be doing with social media.
I know great name :slight_smile:

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Hi Belinda, in terms of being inspired by a book, what things in life are most important to you either professionally or personally (or both)? I’ve read a tonne of amazing life-changing business books and authors over the years thanks to my job so was there any one area that interests you most? Warm regards, Nik.

Hi Nik, I like books that present a smarter way of working or a new way of thinking. Learning about human psychology is also fascinating. Two interesting books I’ve read in recent times are The Four Hour Working Week and Thinking Fast and Slow. Learning new skills is also a priority for me - I’ve just downloaded a book on cracking Facebook advertising. All recommendations welcome!

Hi Belinda, that’s fantastic. Human psychology is my speciality :slight_smile: Two great books to read are Emotional Agility by Susan David. It’s a fantastic and easy-to-read book about how to manage our emotions to get better results. Another cracking book is Social Intelligence by Daniel Goleman. In it he explores how people interact with each other. It’s all about relationships. Both are amazing pieces of work. Thanks a million. Nik.

I only ever recommend one book just because I think we should all give it a whirl at some point. Try “Yes Man” by Danny Wallace.

Thanks so much for the recommendations - I’ll be checking them both out!

I love anything by Danny Wallace, especially Yes Man. We should all be more open to new opportunities and experiences… playing it safe is too boring!

Same here, those are my favourite types of book. People doing daft things for no apparent reason other than to write about them. I like Tony Hawls too especially Playing Tennis with The Moldovans.

Dave Gorman is great too (Are you Dave Gorman?/Googlewhack Adventure) :grinning:

Super geeky, but I loooove The Visual Display of Quantitative Information by Edward Tufte.

I know, I know - the title sounds like the most boring subject imaginable. But it’s actually an amazing book. Beautifully illustrated and filled with incredible examples of how you can show complicated information simply, visually and accurately.

It’s incredible relevant for anyone involved with speakers, content and presentations at events. So often I see terrible presentations with hard to understand visuals. Books like this are great to understand how to show information to an audience - in a way that a) they’ll understand easily and b) they will take away the message you want.

Plus as a bonus you look super smart when you’re reading it on the train. :slight_smile:

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Wow Marino, that title is really something! Did someone recommend the book to you? Can’t imagine seeing that one on the shelf and thinking, “That sounds interesting!” :wink:
However, on your recommendation I will check it out! Thanks

Sapiens is a fantastic book to get insights into many aspects of human behaviour like memes, fashion, money, relationships, brands, countries, fandom, news, fear… its great.


Great call, Jeremy. I get my September Audible credit tomorrow, so I’m going to give that one a listen! :ear: Since this thread has been revived, a book that’s had a big impact on me this year is The Unexpected Joy of Being Sober by Catherine Gray - I think we can all over indulge a bit in this industry, so it’s good to be more mindful of how we drink.