Capturing data from a third party event

Hi all.

I’m organising an event tomorrow as part of a bigger festival - exciting - BUT all of the registration data is obviously sat with the festival organiser.

I am trying to think of ways to collect data on the day and the best I have come up with is asking attendees if they want to opt-in to being emailed the slides and then getting them to hand in their business cards or fill out a quick form.

Can’t really afford any fancy software to collect data but if you have any other suggestions that’d be great!

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I think being emailed the slides is probably a good shout. Can you offer some kind of additional giveaway/prize to incentivize?

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I would get a dropbin for business cards and definitely incentivise people to do this. If you can do some user announcements and social media posts to flag this too that can all help. Perhaps you get whoever is hosting your event to regularly ask people to do that perhaps as they thank the last speaker and if you arrange for the exits to be manned and verbally prompt this too hopefully you’ll get a decent response. Also simple printed forms on seats to be handed in after can work well especially if people are taking their seats early and killing time before the presentations start. Best of luck!