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Hi all,

I’m new to Event Tribe so thought I’d reach out for some advice if possible.

I was made redundant from my full time role with a shipping company at the end of May this year and have since been seeking professional acting work as i have been performing for over 25 years.I am also a singer and have managed to secure some gigs in my local area through local care homes/restaurants & bars.

Acting is not the most secure career so I’m thinking of how I can still pursue this whilst also working in another industry which may offer me scope to run the 2 together.

I have done some charity work which involved organising my own event last year from start to finish which has made me think that perhaps I can work in the events industry where I can be part of the events as well. ie in the wedding planning/party event management sector.

Any pointers greatly appreciated.

thank you

kind rgds

Peter Fiorini

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Hi Peter, how about setting up an event and entertainment agency? If you know other singers and performers on the circuit locally, you could add them to your books? It might seem counterintuitive but it will enable you to offer a wider selection to your clients. I used to work for a small entertainment agency run by a singer and she would take a commission on the bookings she got for others, while also often being able to put herself forward for gigs. She also partnered with other suppliers like caterers to be able to offer full-service event planning and took a commission from those suppliers. It’s a low-risk way of getting started, you’ll just need to invest in marketing materials (i.e. website) and advertising.

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If you need anyone to help you out with designing your event/marketing materials (flyers, posters, web stuff), I know someone. …well, I know several people (and you can choose what you like). It could be a good step forward.

You’ve already taken the first few important steps…I say make it happen, Peter!

Thanks very much will keep this all in mind ,kind rgds Peter Fiorini :blush: