Casino/Gambling + Licensing requirements

Good evening all.

As an event organiser, I am always looking for new, fresh and exciting event concepts. Now I am new to the world of events and I have hit the ground following a successful club night, raising money for ‘Rethink Mental Illness’.

As that event was held in a licensed venue, most aspects were already taken care of. Now I am thinking of future events. One aspect is in regards to a ‘Casino’ gambling type event. Not solely a gambling event but having casino tables there along with music, a bar etc.

In regards to licensing, what licenses will I need to obtain for such an event? The event will be held in a marquee.

Any info would be fantastic! Thanks everyone

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Hi Leon, you’ll need a Temporary Event Notice and a Gambling Premises Licence from the local authority.

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Hi Belinda,

Thank you very much for the info and the blog link you have provided. I will be sure to have a look over to gain the relevant information.

Thanks again,

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I never saw an outdoor casino. Somewhere in the middle of a forest it might be interesting