Charity event Ideas

Hi, does anyone have any ideas how to organise an exciting events for our local community in Salford?

Hi Lola, I’ve written quite a bit on the topic of community/charity events on the Eventbrite blog. Here are a couple of articles you might find useful:

Thank you very much Belinda.

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Hi Lola, some great ideas there from @Belinda_Booker I would think about what is going to have broad appeal across your community. Something which appeals to all ages, backgrounds, abilities - even if some are participating and some are watching. Food and music always bring people together. You may want to think about a theme to base it around such as Royal wedding, Wimbledon, midsummer, Salford’s 250 listed buildings, history of Salford, urban zoo, etc.

Once you’ve got your event concept and plan together I think it would be worth investing time in talking to local businesses and community organisations to get involved. Once you’ve got a few of them on board and mobilised you’re well on your way to a successful event! Good luck!

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