Cinco de Mayo - Scotland

Hi there,

So my business partner and I have started an events company in Aberdeen. We run everything from pub crawls to ale trails to food events. Our last event was a st paddys day crawl which was a monumental success.

We have a few other events coming up but one of our next big ones will be a Cinco de Mayo (5th of May) party to celebrate the Mexican defeat of the French. Our plan is to organise a massive party at a venue in Aberdeen using a local mexican food supplier. In this venue we will be able to get discounted beer and tequila shots. In addition, we will provide hats, moustaches and other small ‘Mexican’ party items.

Pricing… we are not completely sure yet. I would assume that for 25 gbp you get starter, mains, your items and then access to the super cheap drinks. In addition we would play Mexican party music and everyone would just basically get steamin and have a great time.

Suggestions are very much welcome and if you have thought about doing something like this yourself then it would be great to discuss.


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sounds like you’re on to a winner. Surely need to be getting Margarita’s involved?

This is calling out for a photo booth i think?

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Definitely a photo booth! Or a photo ‘area’ with a Mexican backdrop and perhaps a frame (like a Polaroid or something for them to hold up). If you’re not sure what I mean, Google ‘photo booth frame’ - we’re doing this for an open day at our rugby club.

Pinatas would be great. Bonus points if you can get tartan pinatas…