Cocktail event - networking/icebreaker acitivites

Hi all,

We are hosting a Cocktail and Canapes evening and we just wondering if anyone had planned a similiar event and found icebreaker activites that went down particularly well?

We have a few we use for more formal, breakfast networking events but thought we could afford a more relaxed format as its an after hours event.

Be great to get some inspiration!

Thanks :slight_smile:

I’ve been to networking events that have used speed-dating formats really well. (i.e. 2 minutes to talk to another attendee about what you do / what they do, then switch). also has a really great set of ideas, here.

Thank you, Marino :slight_smile: I’ll check out the link.

i attended a cool cocktail party where they´d placed antique items / and random curious things around the room.
Everyone was invited to guess what the item was , which year it was from and its auction price. Obviously filling out a form and submitting to a onsite "expert"
Got everyone talking and laughing .
results were announced in the dinner - and everyone got to hear from the expert what the items actually were.
great fun.
i belive theres a few teambuilding companies that offer the service - search up The curio show.
but you can also probably organise it yourself pretty easily.

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