Common Issues Faced at Trade Shows

When exhibiting at a trade show, what are issues you have faced repeatedly and how have you overcome it?

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  1. Winging it! Not having prepared properly so you’re not promoting the best of your business in terms of products, collateral, staff etc. Sometimes the pressures of day to day business mean you’re having to get everything together last minute but this will inevitably compromise your exhibitor experience
  2. From the organiser side it seems that exhibitors stress about everything we need them to do e.g. complete and return forms, upload their company information to the event website, invite their contacts to attend, read their exhibitor manual, order whatever they need for the stand e.g. electrics, furniture, stand catering etc.
  3. Getting everything needed to go on the stand to the stand especially if the team are travelling by public transport and need to rely on courier services and stuff not getting lost at the venue. A man/woman with a van is the way I’d recommend. Ideally, this would be a member of the team. For any deliveries your event organiser should be able to advise how to address all items and this information may well be in the exhibitor manual.