Community cinema themed activities questions

Hi everyone,
My partner and I have recently set up a community cinema and have secured the required licences in order to screen our choice of film. As per much of the advice online we had planned to include themed foods and activities during our event to make it a little more unusual than your run of the mill screening. Unfortunately we have been informed by the distribution company that themed activities are not permitted which somewhat scuppered our plans. Ive attended several cinematic events over the past couple of years that have included themed foods and entertainment linking to the film being shown and therefore there must be a way of obtaining a special licence for this, has anyone had any experience in this area? Id be very grateful for some help!

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Hi Vicky, if it’s an IP issue, could you broaden out the theme of the food and activities, so they relate to the overall themes in the film but do not use characters names or images? Can you say what the film is?