Conditional format on booking forms

Hey! I’m planning a series of events that we run every year. When booking their place, guests can choose one activity in the morning and one in the afternoon. Last year, despite trying to make instruction clear as possible, we had a large number of guests book the same session in the morning and afternoon. As both sessions were the same and we were limited for numbers, we then needed to contact the guests to clarify which session they wanted to join. All in all, it ended up a time consuming and messy process. Any tips for how we can mitigate this in future? I’ve struggled to find conditional formatting that prevents this. Any ideas welcome!

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Hi Camilla, what booking system/type of form are you using?

I’m no expert on this but is there a way to set it up so people choose the session first then morning/afternoon but not both? Rather than starting with the timing?

This is using attendee information on the booking forms on Eventbrite - don’t really have scope to use another platform, so trying to make Eventbrite work best for us

Some attendees will want to attend one session in the morning and then a different in the afternoon. If we asked them to select the type of activity and then added in a sub-question on whether they want to attend in morning or afternoon, we’d lose the ability to limit capacities.

Oh I see. Sorry I can’t be more help. Have you tried contacting the eventbrite technical team?

Are you using Custom Questions for this? Could you share a link to your registration page please?

Hi Camilla,

I know this post is about 2 years old, but I thought I’d jump in and try to help you.

In fact, I’ve done some research on the perfect Event Registration Form UX (=User Experience) and came up with a list of 23 mistakes one should avoid:

Here’s the lowdown:

:x:Registration Form Fields Are Too Long For Their Input

:x:Event Registration Form Fields are not automatically pre-populated

:x:Fields are inline and not in one column

:x:Fields are not made required, even though they should be

:x:Password fields are not protected

:x: Using single-step instead of multi-step forms

:x:Having too many non-essential questions

:x:Not using conditional logic

:x:Stacking radio buttons horizontally instead of vertically

:x:Not explaining why you’re using sensitive information

:x:Top left aligned labels are best for readability & completion

:x:Not using field labels at all

:x: Making phone number fields required instead of optional

:x:Not allowing attendees to navigate back and forth in the registration form

:x:Not optimizing your event registration form for speed

:x:Registration form doesn’t work in all browsers

:x:Too many questions for each step in a multi-step form

:x:Placing complex legal messages near buttons

:x:Not explaining “What’s Next?”

:x:Mistake #20: Using “Clear” or “Reset” Buttons

:x:Not Sequencing your questions logically

:x:Your forms are just way too long

I published the full article with more in-depth explanations on each point here.

Hope this helps.