Conferece Q&A Paddles

Hi guys - I need some help!

I’ve been to a few conferences in my time where people have used numbered paddle boards for audience Q&A.

Basically if multiple people want to ask a question whilst a discussion on stage is happening they raise their hand, you give them a numbered paddle and then the host can easily spot them and make sure the questions are answered in a fair order.

I can’t find these magical paddle boards anywhere! Has anyone else ever used them or know where I can get some?

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This might help you

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Good spot @DewiEirig, but a better system might be to use a Q&A app? Anyone with a smartphone can then ask a question and it will be queued up for the speaker. You can even have the questions showing on a big screen, so people can see what’s been asked. It’s great for encouraging participation - especially amongst those who might be too shy to raise a hand and ask a question in front of everyone. Here’s a run down of some of the best apps for the job:

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Thanks Belinda, we do use Slido which is fantastic but we still get people who prefer the old fashion way! :slight_smile:

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I’d be keen to hear from event managers who have used CrowdMics successful. Its a system i’m keen to use however i’ve heard of may glitches with wifi bandwidth etc

I’ve used catch boxes - great if you can catch! A bit of fun too however also intimidating for some audience members (especially if they cant catch lol)

Some of the apps can be cost prohibited - keen to hear feedback from others!

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AskVote looks pretty simple and offers a free plan. Could be worth a try?

When I saw this Meetoo app I thought it was going to be some kind of sexual harassment hub, but actually it’s a Q&A/polling app! its looks pretty good but the free plan is limited to a paltry 10 participants (full plan £800 per year).