Creating a series of events to build a long term community

Hi everybody,

I have the opportunity to use some great venues to promote a non-profit student budgeting app both here in Northampton and also down in London.

As we have a prototype and need to test the proof of concept I’ve set the scene by introducing the idea of taking the app on a testing-roadshow.

My first event is on 19th August which I’m comfortably on top of but am still looking for ideas on how to make the events flow naturally from one to the other to maximum effect.

The prototype and background are here on my blog:

Are there any good event tips to accumulate interest in the app as we go along from event to event?

How about a competition to win something, which the students can enter by making a social post about the app with a specific hashtag? Or perhaps they have to like and share one of your own posts to gain entry. This will help raise awareness online among their peer group.

Hi Belinda, yes that’s a good idea.

The first one will be simple enough because we can do a competition for the best app name. we plan to demonstrate the app to potential students in the summer open day at the university, we can ask their parents too.

We could ask, “What name would you give an app like this?”

Then all we need to do is develop the idea of feedback as a game.

I’m working on the events page on my site now so as soon as I get it done I’ll pop it onto here for thoughts.

Yep, that sounds like a great idea. Shall look forward to seeing your event page :slight_smile:

I have done both an event page on my site and also one on Eventbrite.

They both pretty similar, here’s my page:

And here’s the Eventbrite page:

I’ve passworded it with “test12345” for the moment.

I bet there’s loads I need to do to tidy it all up but please do let me know any suggestions.

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I think you want something which sounds fun & immediately grabs the attention whilst giving them a tangible reason to help you with your testing. Something like “Want beer next year?” so you’re already planting the idea of forward planning. You could also pick a winning name suggestion from each place you roadshow at and have a leaderboard which anyone can then vote for with some kind of incentive for the overall winner… Maybe a crate of beer to keep the theme going or something which ties in with whatever hook you run with. Students may be persuaded to vote for their friend’s suggestion. Good luck.

Thanks Melissa, That’s a great name and a great idea!

Can I put “Want beer next year” as my first name suggestion on the leaderboard?

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Hi Paul, having checked out your event page, I think you could connect better with the students by addressing them directly i.e. “It’s not easy managing your money when you’re a student. You’ve got so much to pay for; tuition, rent, food, not to mention your Student Union bar bill…”

Talk about the problems this app sets out to solve and make it relatable to them, after all, budgeting is dull! Plus, what’s in it for them to attend the roadshow? I think they’ll need a reason to register. Maybe award the crate of beer Melissa suggests to the best name suggestion at each location?

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you’re very welcome! Best of luck and let us know how it goes!

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Thanks for that Belinda. there’s lots of good improvements I’ll blend into the copy.

The event has had to be moved back by about three weeks so it gives me more time, I’m glad because I’ll be able to plan more.

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