In an exhibition, where there are thousands of stalls/booths, it becomes inevitable that crowd pull as well as crowd management be strategized.

It is thus imperative that businesses come up with innovative communication approach that can gauge immediate customers’ attention and profitability.

Employ the following ways to implement effective communication strategies for an exhibition booth:

Maintain consistency in communication

The entire communication message should be consistent throughout the exhibition – from the conceptualization to the end of the exhibition. Consistency in communication needs integrity, focus and discipline. The message should talk about one single truth about your exhibition, keeping in mind the target audience and the objective. You should make sure that your business communicates the same message consistently until the last stage of the exhibition. Though it might appear very difficult, exhibition experts help companies create and implement effective communication strategies that remain consistent throughout the trade show. The consistency in the message should have a long-lasting impact on customers’ mind.

Convey the same message on complimenting literature and freebies

The communication strategies devised should be further emphasized with the literature and graphics (in brochures, leaflets etc) so as to maintain one clear chain in communication and to reinforce the message in the visitors’ minds. The same applies for the freebies distributed as well. Getting merchandise printed, especially the kind that is likely to be used frequently, goes a long way in accentuating the point.

The message should be focused in one direction:

Today, many businesses are coming up with popular trends like social and environmental themes related to women empowerment, environmental safety, etc. Incorporating social or environmental concern into exhibition stall would be an added advantage but the exhibitors should make sure that the message should not be diverted in many different directions. It should be channelized in one direction. Therefore, knowing your business and exhibition objectives well shall help in transcending the message in unison.

Create a campaign

Creating a campaign that revolves around your exhibition objective shall help in establishing a connect as well as recall value with your audience. Effective campaigns keep the audience involved into certain engagement activities as well as establish emotional connect. Do not confuse this with your marketing/ advertising campaigns because campaigns during the exhibition need to produce on-the-spot connect/results with the audience.

Seek Feedback

Feedback is the best mechanism to further the ongoing communication. At a stall, place feedback forms on the desk, seek feedback verbally, take video testimonials or appoint an in-charge just to take feedback. Incorporate the feedback in further processes and improve on the communication strategy.

Let the designs do the talking

The design of your stall/booth is an important aspect of communication. Depending on your product/service and the objective of communication, you can have contemporary, modern, tech-savvy, industrial, periodic kind of elements in your stall. Make sure that the visuals as well as entire feel of you stall is in tune with your brand.