Creative ways to encourage attendees to donate and support

Many creators are finding ways to encourage attendees to offer support and donations during the COVID-19 crisis, and there are some amazing examples of creativity and shows of community support.

Some recent and uniquely creative takes on fundraising and support include:

  • Noise Pop is using the new GiftUp! integration to promote support through the purchase of various gift cards.
  • In addition to their “Save the Rave” fundraiser, Public Works is now offering new, once-in-a-lifetime membership packages to help keep their organization supported.
  • Creators like Quality Time are hosting online events with a fundraising spin. Dance From Home is a streaming worldwide festival to support COVID-19 relief and impacted artists worldwide.
  • The Hamilton is keeping their kitchen open to serve those in need, and the Food It Forward campaign is raising money to feed families in need and create jobs for restaurant employees at the same time.
  • Many music venues and festival creators are running special fundraisers, donation drives and merchandise campaigns to help keep their audiences engaged.

How are you inspiring attendees to donate and support? What are some of your favorite, creative takes on fundraising?