CRM Software?

Hi, I plan a fairly large annual event that requires scheduling volunteers, vendors, etc. Until now we’ve used a combo of google docs to manage the information but I think we need something with a bit more firepower.

I’ve been looking at CRMs like Salesforce, but it’s $$$. Do you have any suggestions for something that might work better than a patchwork of free apps that won’t break the bank like Salesforce?


Hi Henry, good question. You might be interested in this article I wrote about CRM systems for event organisers:

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Pipedrive is quite ‘light’ and cost effective. I haven’t used it in an events context however (more traditional sales).

Might be coming late to the chat. But I would suggest HubSpot free CRM.
Painless to use and free.


Thanks for the suggestion @Ricardo_Molina I discovered recently that HubSpot does a free option. What restrictions does it have?

We use Hubspot. The free version only allows you to create one sales pipeline, which is quite restrictive. Really like the software though.

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Ah I see. And what’s the pricing like if you want to have more pipelines?

It’s £42 per month for the Starter package, which is too much for us as a small business :cry:

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Yep. All the costs add up!

Never been a big fan of Free - however hubspot are big!!! Salesforce is a pig but will never let you down !

I’ve always chosen Salesforce and the one time I didn’t - I regretted it

Hi Henry, are you still looking for a CRM software? I am happy to help with the service I offer. Please let me know.