Crowd funding an event

We’ve analyzed all the major platforms and are thinking of doing it on Indiegogo for their Flexible Goal policy. Meaning even if you don’t reach the goal, you’ll still get the money and your backers will still get what they’ve promised.
What do you think is the best platform for such a project? are there other platforms that specialize in conferences?
I’m really in need of ideas.

@mikeba thought i’d start a new topic for this so anyone can contribute.

Indiegogo is the one i know most about, and the flexible goal policy is really good. A lot of people choose kickstarter because it has it’s own community of users who actively search for investments to make - but concepts that are geo specific (e.g. an event) aren’t as well suited to this as opposed to investing in a product that can be shipped around the world.

Besides i imagine your main source of interest will come from your existing members?

This post mentions some event specific platforms do exist but doesn’t give specific names

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