Crowd/Queue Mgt

hi there

Looking for thoughts and ideas around this scenario.
I have a possible evnet to organise that must be "open to all "
It’s kind of a career fair format - ie : people can come and go throughout the day.
However we can’t limit the time spent at the event.

Looking at managing the possibility of too many people turning up by considering:

Pre- registration ( or at least for % of capacity)
Booking slots for appts with certain experts
Queue mgt system if too busy/over crowded

Looking to see if others have a view / experience to share on how best to manage this?
Pro/cons and any good suppliers?

Thank you


If you count people in and out you can ensure you stay at a manageable/safe capacity. Then you operate a one in one out system. Is it a particularly small venue?

Hi Paul

I would definitely ticket the event/set up mandatory registration to give you an idea of expected attendance. Don’t forget to account for a no show rate too that could be up to 50%.

I would recommend maybe going further than this and getting people to either register for the morning or afternnoon ‘session’ to give you a better indication of when people will come. If you ‘sell out’ of one session this will encourage people to come at a less busy time.


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