Desparately seeking GIANT Disney plush toys! HELP!

Hi All,

We are desperately looking for giant (at least 1m / 40+inches tall) Disney plush toys.

Have been turning over every rock (even Disneyland Paris!) to find these things for weeks.

Winnie the pooh and friends, frozen, goofy etc (just not mini or mickey - I know!)

Any help, advice, leads, contacts would be SO helpful. We are looking to buy them even!

This kind of thing?

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Hi Nick!

Yes exactly, size wise that’s perfect. Only our boss hates Minnie mouse for some absurd reason so no Minnie or mickey!

Have found stitch and olaf and pooh (in Dubai) but struggling for any more!!

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Hmm… you could always get good quality mascot costumes and stuff them if you didn’t want someone inside? Like this kind of thing (only £40 to hire apparently)

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Thanks Belinda, will definitely mention it!