Did anyone go to the Meetings Show in London?

I’ve seen some criticism because recently released attendance figures show the number of hosted buyers was down by 17% (the organisers blamed buyers being too busy to attend). Just curious to know what people thought of the show. Was it good?

Interesting that Centaur would release figures like that. I can see why organisers might have to release an overall attendance figure which was down YOY but intrigued why they’d detail the hosted buyer figure. Surely that could be off putting to potential future exhibitors & visitors. Odd. @Belinda_Booker do you have a link to the story? Intrigued now.


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Well, I know the journalists certainly put them under pressure to do so :flushed:
Here’s the link: http://www.meetpie.com/Modules/NewsModule/newsdetails.aspx?t=Total-visitors-up-but-hosted-buyers-down-at-largest-ever-Meetings-Show&newsid=25946

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