Difficult to source - temporary clip frame signs / signage


Does anyone have any suggestions where I could source some temporary signage / sign posts / pedestals with base?

It sounds a simple spec - but I have been looking for ages…

  • A3 clip frame signage holder
  • smart appearance - hotel lobby / convention centre style
  • waterproof
  • windproof for use outdoors

All suggestions are welcome!

Many thanks

Hi Chris we’ve used thorns before. What about something like this:

@KtMcPhee and @Sabeha_Mohamed might have some better ideas

hi @chrisnwhite @nick_lawson - http://www.strikingdisplays.co.uk/

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Hello, I’ve used these before - lots of different products. https://www.ukpos.com/chrome-and-acrylic-floor-standing-poster-holder

I have purchased from both http://fastrakretail.co.uk/ and www.betrix.co.uk

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