Do corporates or charities outsource for fundraising events?

I’m interested to find out if there is a market for an event fundraising business, particularly around special events.
Do corporates and individuals need event managers to create fundraising events?

Hey @iamwhitneybrown, @peckham works in the charity sector and might be able to help on this :slight_smile:

Hello Whitney,

Are you trying to cater to for profit businesses, non-profit businesses or both?

Non-Profits usually need more than event managers;

@NE3Music @nick_lawson
I will give you a back story…
I am currently working as a Fundraiser for a small charity. During my four years with the charity I have understood the need for skilled individuals. I am have a passion for event fundraising and wanted to offer my skills to other charities. However, I am unsure whether to target corporate and individuals who wish to host fundraising events for a cause or charities who want to develop or create fundraising events. I want to help everyone but I do agree with @NE3Music that charities would appreciate more.
I would love some feedback. I am open to any suggestions.


I would start off small and work with small and medium sized non-profit then as you grow and gain more experience then pursue positions with corporate entities.

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@NE3MusicThanks for the advice. Would you recommend any tips on how to approach the charities besides, referrals or direct contact (email/telephone)? What methods have you used in the past especially within entertainment field.