Do fellow events professionals make good partners?

I think working in events is a unique challenge which inevitably impacts on personal relationships in terms of stress levels, working unsociable hours, etc. So have any tribesfolk dated/married another event professional and has the shared career choice been a positive for you?

Not sure if it counts but my partner of 8 years is also my business partner for my radio station (she bought into that in the first year when we met to save the station going under) and shes been there from the start with our music festival. At times her normal day job has financed both the station and the festival when money has dried up but we have got through rough times and we have both agreed that if we were to ever split up, the festival and radio station would stop as it only exists with both of us running them.

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Long may it continue then Jay!

I think it depends whether you work together in the same business, as a partnership or you’re both working for separate companies. In the latter case, I think you might struggle to see much of each other… but for some people that might be a good thing!

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As a previously married event organiser, no I don’t think we do!

The stress, frustration and constantly being on emails and the phone, takes its toll eventually on what was a reasonably understanding partnership.

Working with fellow professionals in a team is more advisable than working with a life partner.

Regards Julie

I think having a partner working in the events industry might be good in terms of having that understanding for each other but not sure I’d want to work with that person as well. Sure some people make it work though and some relationships thrive because the couple don’t see much of each other!

I work in the same office as my husband but we don’t do the same thing. It does mean we spend a lot of time together and sometimes need a break, but I think I’d rather that than only seeing each other a couple of hours in the evening.

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Did you meet through work?

No. We met in a night club in Soho :flushed:

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