Do Freelancers need more support?

A new report on the freelance market by recruitment agency, Major Players and Campaign highlights the increase of freelancers in an uncertain economy. Major Players’ Marketing Director, Allison Upton suggests that freelancers need more support in terms of keeping the work coming, a community of other freelancers (there are a fair few on EventTribe) and career development.

I would definitely welcome any support which helps to keep work coming my way and one of the benefits of being part of EventTribe is engaging daily with others especially when I work from home so much. What do other freelancers think?

The gig economy certainly causes problems for freelancers but I think the recent Uber ruling and upcoming Hermes case will change things a lot.

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Do you think it will change things for all freelancers or just those covered by the unions?

Thanks to the union members, It will change it for everyone. There are far too many freelancers working for businesses in a full time role without the benefits.

The biggest thing I struggle with being a freelancer is not getting paid holiday/sick pay. It becomes very difficult to justify taking time off. Inevitably I end up working super hard to get two week’s work done in one and then end up getting sick during my time off!

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Yes it always feel like I’m paying twice for my holiday - the cost of the holiday and the cost of the money I’m not earning!

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