Do you contact venues directly or through venue finders?

When you’re looking for a venue, do you contact specific ones directly, or do you ask a venue finder to find what you’re looking for? And when would you use one approach rather than the other?

Venue finders save me time by narrowing down the spectrum of available venues when I need a specific type, at a specific area or a specific service.
Once I have the options in front of me then I call directly as its easier to get answers to more specific questions.

What do you do normally @mgentle?

I’m not an event planner, I’m a technology supplier. I’m trying to see how event planners work because the next phase in our development is to integrate with venues and/or venue finders, and we want to ensure that we do this right.

I am an event planner and I agree with @Kyri that venue finders does save a lot of time. Sites like and venue finders does come in handy. The only downfall is some venue finders site are not very well made and difficult to navigate, which makes the planner’s job even more difficult.

There are a number of venue finders with an Airbnb-type interface, with event locations on a map plus accompanying photos and meeting room layouts. In fact Airbnb has become the default user interface for many of these new venue finders. This makes them really easy to use. Plus some of them offer direct booking via credit card.

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I find venue finding agencies difficult to deal with, especially larger agencies as it can be difficult/time consuming to chase information up and get the answers that you are looking for. I prefer to go directly to the venue itself as you can often secure a much better deal and also know who excatly to ask for when you need them!

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