Do you encourage the use of public transport to your events?

Thinking about your event communications, do you encourage your visitors/delegates/guests to travel by public transport or just present the options for getting to the event?

I run a music festival and we definitely encourage travel by festival bus rather than drive. Public transport in Vietnam is poor, so its not an option, but you could equate the festival bus to public transport. Buses create so many benefits for large scale events:
1: you have less wheelbase on the road per person, greatly reducing congestion at entry and exit points
2: You know when people are going to arrive and leave
3: No issues with crashes and liability from intoxicated people coming to / from the event.
4: The EO doesn’t have to worry about parking for lots of motorbikes and cars.
5: More environmentally friendly.

I’m not sure about the size and scope of your event, but some of the above points may be relevant.

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Absolutely and I include a link to a public transport journey planner on the event website. Most of the carbon emissions from an event come from people travelling to it.

In the past when I’ve gone to festivals I’ve used car sharing websites to find people needing a lift and have split the cost of petrol. I recently wrote a video script for a new company called Sn-ap travel, which does on-demand coach travel from and to any destination people want to go to (as long as there are enough people wanting to go). I think it could be great for organisers of events not located close to public transport…


Thanks Malcolm. Some great points here. How many buses do you have operating and what time do you start and finish the service?

Hey Melissa :smile:
Buses are based on sales so we always just order whats sold plus a little extra for walkups. There is enough YoY data now to make forecasts based on projected attendance, but it varies completely based on event type and lots of other factors… so its hard to make any accurate prediction on year 1 if u are offering a free service with no pre registration
Id suggest some kind of pre registration/ sale so u have at least some metric of when people are interested in coming. And remember the best thing about having pre registration is that you can tell people no… having disappointed customers is great when its their own fault. They will be better organized next year and tell their friends to be too

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Love this concept!

Although feel like there should be background music in that video?

Looks good! Some people feel more comfortable traveling with a group too.

At the biggest event that I co-organise we encourage people to use public transport but the cost of train travel is getting too expensive.

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Yes, I love traveling by train off peak but it can be really expensive and if you’re in London there’s often a reduced service at weekends which definitely puts people off coming in from the suburbs.

I find it incredibly ironic that it’s usually always cheaper to buy an European flight than it is to go anywhere by train in the UK. How can that be the case??

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It’s also a big reason why I mostly work from home these days!

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