Do you have a nominated charity for your event?

Events often have a nominated charity with both parties benefiting from publicity and the charity sometimes receiving associated fundraising. Does anyone on here have a nominated charity for the event(s) they work on and is the charity retained each time the event happens or do you change charities? What advice would you give to anyone considering working with a charity?

I work in the music industry and most people know of a charity called RACPA UK which is Rock Against Child Pornography and Abuse. They are a great bunch of people who work tirelessly to make people aware of the dangers of online predators and rather than coming along asking for money they come to our festival to talk to people at their stall. We are a big family friendly event and they are the first people booked every year. Next year they are taking the stage for one of the acoustic slots to talk to people as a group about what they do.

Next year we are also bringing in the biggest anti bully charity to the festival. Again based around us being a family event we want to help educate people regarding the dangers of cyberbullying and these people at Bullies Out are fantastic at bringing awareness for such things.

We aren’t doing % of tickets to the charity of % of the bar. The charities will run their own raffles and have their own collection buckets. We’re more laid back so we will help them in many other ways.

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Thanks @Jay Great to hear your success story and that you’re building on that. So do you have any tips for anyone thinking of hooking up with a charity for the first time?

@MelissaJane go with a charity close to your heart. I was badly bullied as a kid and the charity Bullies Out actually has ex bullies that go out on the circuit with them to talk about things from their side. Why they did it, what they did, how they stopped etc. Its something I am very passionate about. Also my friend killed himself due to being molesered as a kid and my sister was also a victim so RACPA again was something I wanted to support.

If you cannot think of something, ask people within your event to make some suggestions and then maybe make up a shortlist. I would suggest one or two at the most. As heartless as it sounds, people do not want charities in their face at an event all day long.

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Great advice @Jay and thank you for being so open. Agree it’s important to give the charity the right kind of opportunity and exposure within your event so it’s well received but not imposing.

@FrancisSkaryna do have any recommendations for event organisers working with charities?

I’m on an organising committee of a large and we always work with the same children’s hospice every year.

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Sounds like a great cause @DewiEirig Do you have any learnings you can share with us?