Do you work for an in-house event/comms/engagement team?

I’m interested in hearing for anyone that works for an organisation’s events or engagement team:

  • What is the structure of your team (how many staff, at what levels)?
  • How many events or activities do you support across a week/month/year period?
  • How do you receive new requests from the business?
  • How do you capacity plan (i.e. how do you know you have the flexibility to take on new or last minute requests?)

Or I’m interested from you if you have thoughts on how an in-house events team could work, when supporting many different department’s activities :slight_smile:

Hi all - I’m still interested in any thoughts you might have.

Two teams have recently merged at my work and now provide leadership on all external engagement activities for the organisation’s members and stakeholders. . My old team and the new one have different ways of how we handle new work coming in and how we assess if we have capacity to deliver it. I’m looking to bring this together. I’m doing a bit of research on how other similar teams operate.

All ideas welcome!