Documenting an event for info for next time

Does anyone have a template or suggestion of how to document all the details of an event - in my case its a fundraising event - so that you have the info for next time you plan the same or a similar event? for example, who donated this year, and what they donated, who you asked for a donation that said “no”

Check out Kindful, it’s a CRM system designed specifically for the charity sector. to help you collect donor data. If you happen to be using Eventbrite as the registration platform for your event, there’s an extension you can install to automatically add event attendees into your Kindful database. It then tracks each unique interaction your donors have with the ticketing process so you can use that data to better engage them.

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Thank you so much for the information! I’m looking for a way to have all of the information about the event in one place. Kind of like a template for planning the event, but with all the information and as a documentation of everything that was done for it. Does that make sense? Do you have any suggestions for that? @Belinda_Booker

I usually cut and paste screen grabs of any activity into word whilst it’s live so I can refer back to it later and include in any reporting. Once the event is over I do a brain dump. I usually put together a post event report covering all channels and detailing what we did, when, what happened and any learnings along the way for each channel. Hope that helps.

@MelissaJane that sounds great! Do you have a template for your post event report?

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I’ll have a look and report back!

Ah I see, it’s post-event. Maybe the event evaluation template here would help?

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Thanks @Belinda_Booker Merry Christmas!

@Belinda_Booker and @MelissaJane thank you! I am putting something together now