Does anyone have any advice for driving Instagram buzz pre event?

Once your event is live there are any number of Insta opportunities but what about pre event when it’s a launch event? How do you get things going to create some noise, anticipation and excitement?

First things first, make sure your event registration link is in your bio. How else are people going to find out more information about your event? Secondly, create a hashtag for your event that you’ll use across all social media platforms. When choosing a hashtag, do your homework. You don’t want to find out that someone else is using the hashtag which could cause confusion and possible embarrassment if the hashtag is used for something x-rated.

Use apps like Canva and Ripl to create eyecatching visuals. Share pictures and videos from previous events, quotes from event speakers and repost updates from people that’ve used your hashtag. Let your followers see what they’re going to miss if they don’t book a space at your event. It’s human nature to hate being left on the sidelines because everyone wants to see what’s in the box.

Leverage hashtags to spread your message far and wide. A hashtag is the engine that drives Instagram but don’t stop at 1. It’s surprising how many people forget to use hashtags and then complain that Instagram is a waste of time because they don’t receive any engagement on their posts. All Hashtag is a great website to find relevant hashtags for your posts. Instagram now allows you to follow hashtags, so remember to follow your event hashtag to see what people are posting about your event.

Finally, tag your event locaton in every post so people know where your event is being held.


Great idea to repurpose content and squeeze maximum value out of it.

Thanks Dewi - that’s super helpful! Have you used video on there at all? Any specific tips for that?

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I have used video a quite a few times for everthing from timelapse videos to a trailer for a TV series. If your video includes text, make sure you can read it at arms length on a mobile. Here’s a handy YouTube video which gives you tips on video composition but the same rules apply to photos


Brilliant! Thanks Dewi. I’ll take a look.

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