Does anyone have any unique or creative fundraising ideas that have worked for you?

Hey guys i’m looking for some interesting fundraising ideas… would love to hear all and any ideas you have!

Have you thrown a fundraiser yourself at some point? Have you attended a particularly creative one? Have you simply done some fun recently that can be converted into a fundraising event? Please take a second to jot it down. No idea is a bad one!

Thanks in advance

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Not particularly original but I recently attended a great live music night organised by friends raising funds for a local charity which they have benefited from. The local football club provided the room free of charge and a pay bar. Mutual friends who sing/play professionally performed for free. Representatives from the charity gave a short presentation so we could all see where the money raised was going. It worked well because the format was simple, the entertainment was very good, people engaged with the charity because they could see the difference it was making to people’s lives on their doorstep and there was a lot of goodwill in the room. Tickets sold out and whilst there were further opportunities to donate at the event they were limited so no one felt hounded.

This one made me laugh:

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Not unique again but we invited a charity this year to our event. They put up a gazebo outside and chatted to people about their charity (regarding the dangers of online predators). As it was a family weekend festival a lot of people sat round and chatted openly with their kids too about paedophiles and what to be aware of etc. It was a great resource. What we did to help them raise money was give them some power adapters for their stall and bought them some multi usb charger units (charge 8 phones at once per unit). They then took people’s phones and charged them up for a donation in the bucket. At the end of the weekend they had raised over £500! All it cost me was £30 for the usb units.


Hi Nick,

I always think you can’t beat a good speed dating evening; all the proceeds can go to charity, the local pizza joint can pitch in with a load of pizzas, do a competition for the most request guy and the most requested gal, and away you go, a win win win win sort of situation!

Alternatively another one might be the old sitting in a bath full of baked beans.

I’ve organised a couple of speed dating evenings for charity.

…haven’t done the bean thing yet though



Thanks Paul great idea!

Will keep this in mind too :slight_smile:

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I always keep it on stand-by :smiley: