Does anyone here have experience of running a hybrid event (live and online)?

I’d be really interested to hear how you made the event accessible and engaging for remote participants. If you’re livestreaming, how can you make the experience more than simply watching TV?

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@Pheil could be your guy here

Hi Belinda, Live or Streamed, audience engagement is key. The best way to keep the engagement high at a hybrid event is with a audience engagement tool like It can be displayed live at the event and also embedded into the live stream video for those viewing online. And as long as the event organiser introduces and manages the tool correctly and has an event moderator motivating/inviting live and streaming participation, its a recipe for success. This way those viewing the stream can make a question from their location and they can see their question appear live at the event and event have their answer answered. This gives the streamed participants the highest level of engagement and participation possible without actually being at the live event.

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Thanks for that Paul. I like the fact they get to see their question appear live at the event. Do you have any stats on remote engagement when is used? Are people equally as likely to ask questions, whether they are in the room or online?

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Hey Belinda

Here at Glisser we have been doing this for a while. We build a landing page branded by the client with space for the live stream (really easy with Facebook or youtube) and we have our solution on the side. We offer real-time slideshare, polling, voting and Q&A through the URL so it is really close to actually being there! We did an event a couple of months back on the implications of GDPR, we heavily promoted the physical, not the virtual but ended up with circa, double the amount of participants online. We received more questions from the virtual audience.

I do not believe this is the death of physical events, far from it, I believe it amplifies the coverage.


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That’s really encouraging to hear. Do you have to do anything differently at the live event to accommodate and include the remote participants or does it all take care of itself?

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Good question!

Not really, our application is a web app, therefore no download issues, it simply runs over a URL. Of course the organiser will need to set up the content and landing page before, this is simple enough, and of course arrange for the sessions to be streamed! I have actually seen this done with a mobile phone on a tripod over facebook live and it was surprisingly ok!

One point of note, streaming will often have a lag, 5-10 seconds. Normally the user is none the wiser, with Glisser as a realtime content share, you just need to account for the time delay.

The participant will simply need to go the the unique URL pushed by the organiser, input their email (optional) and they are in.


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It sounds like we should all have been at that event either physically or online. Are you planning to repeat it?

Haha, we have actually been asked a few times. So two options:-

1/ You can go to and see the recorded version. You can even log in and see the questions asked, of course this is not live.

2/ I understand @nick_lawson might be organising something similar soon?



thanks @Jamie will take a look

This is great. Thanks Jamie. I’m writing an article about this soon, so will include.

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