Does anyone offer head-shots as a "gift" to delegates?

Was wondering if anyone has used a photographer to take head-shots as a freebee for delegates and how that went?

I’m looking at new ways to engage with event planners and conference hosts - so if anyone would like to talk to me about how I could do that for you, do let me know and let’s try it out! .


We offered freebie headshots at two events last year and it went down a storm (this a blog post I wrote post event:

They were a company I’d known about for years so can’t offer you any tips on getting in front of the decision makers at the exact right time - but I’d recommend it to any event organiser if that helps!


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I think using free headshots as a giveaway at a trade show stand would be a really good way to pull in attendees. Certainly a cut above the usual branded pens/confectionary and giving something really valuable to someone.

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