Does 'publish' mean 'registration is now open'?

I can’t find the answer anywhere. Have I missed something?

In an ideal world I would publish (= make the news of my event public on the Eventbrite site) and give a date for registration to commence .

Is that possible?


This should help you:

Very helpful.

I have 22 different tickets for 22 30 minute slots. How can I apply the same start/end times to all of these rather than doing it 1 by 1?

Sorry, that I don’t know. You’ll need to contact Eventbrite support. Log in to your account to view the contact options available to you. Good luck with your event!

Thanks for trying. I ended up filling them 1x1. Boring!

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I bet you have sore fingers now!

So I customised all my tickets by setting start and end dates for ticket ‘sales’. (‘Sales’ in inverted commas because mine is a free event).

All was well until today. I discover that all of my start and end customisation has disappeared.

Not only that: the option I had to set start and end dates has also disappeared!!!

Now all I have is ‘Ticket sales end’ - and that has been completed automatically. Could this be because of this: " Feature Availability: This article discusses a feature only available for Eventbrite Professional and Premium organizers. Learn more about upgrading "?

If it is, why was the facility there 2/3 days ago ?

Aha! I have just seen this: "For events with multiple dates and times, you’ll only see the option to set the “Tickets sales end” date for a time that is a specific number of “hours, minutes, or days” before the event either “starts” or “ends.”

I think I changed to ‘multiple dates’ AFTER setting the start and end dates.

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I see. That works if you want sales to begin x days/hours before each event then? Good to know!