Does your event audience know best?

Further to event organiser, Reedpop announcing that they are consulting fans to assist in taking MCM Comic Con forward, I wondered whether your audience know best or can they actually ‘wrong foot’ you if you’re not careful and take you in the wrong direction? Can they tell you what they want from an event in the future or do you have to show them the way with engaging content with their passions at the centre of it? I often talk about looking to your target audience when planning and promoting events (I started my career in market research) but now I’m questioning that. Thoughts?

Hmm that’s an interesting one. I think both. For sure, the audience won’t always know exactly what they want, and it’s great to be surprised by exciting sounding content. However, I think events should strive to be as useful as possible and so perhaps asking the audience what challenges they’re facing could help to identify areas of focus. The event organiser certainly needs to keep their own finger on the pulse to have a feel of what’s “trending”. It might then be a case of presenting a selection of possible features and getting the audience to vote on the ones they most want to see - I’d say that’s the middle ground.

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