Eco name badge display trays - any recommendations?

Hi everyone,

I’m on the hunt for some new name badge display trays for a conference at the end of the month. I’m particularly looking for ones that are recycled or made of sustainable materials and can be reused as the events I organise are for sustainability professionals.

For the last few years I’ve been using some recycled plastic ones from but need to replace them and I’m wondering if there’s something a bit smarter. I think the sustainable wood trays look really nice but I’m concerned about the weight (they need to travel from London, where I’m based, to Zurich where the conference is). I’ve also had trouble finding any sold in the UK.

Any ideas?

Thanks :slight_smile:


Hey @muonabena feel like you may have an idea here :slight_smile:

Hi Eleanor, I can recommend Stablecroft Conference Products for badge trays.

I have their metal ones which I bought about 15 years ago and still look new, which is pretty sustainable- but heavy.

This year I bought some cardboard ones which are v light and have matching exact sized boxes, so you can get them all ready in UK and send to Zurich.

When I first used them, they also ran a donkey sanctuary charity alongside the business but I can’t find anything on their website about it now. I am sure I didn’t dream it though, they used to send me emails about what donkeys they had rescued.

Hope this is helpful. :slight_smile:


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Hi Jess,

Thank you very much for the recommendation. I’ll check them out! :slight_smile:


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