Effects of Legalising Cannabis on Event Organising

On Oct. 17th, recreational marijuana will be legal to produce, consume, and sell across Canada.

While each province will handle the overall governance of the law, nobody will be going to jail for weed. For example, where I live (Toronto), the provincial government has announced that people will be allowed to smoke a joint wherever cigarettes are permitted while in Quebec it’s pretty much a “do it at home” type of thing.

If there’s anyone out here from the Netherlands, Portugal, certain states in the US (or anywhere else a major shift in drug policies has occurred)…what was the overall effect on event organizing? Was a “weed-friendly” environment a benefit or detriment? Was the need for security raised or lowered? Did your snack food budgets have to increase? Or was there absolutely no change at all?

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Love this post. I’m waiting for someone from one of those places to weigh in and state that they experienced a 40% increase in snack consumption :rofl:

In all seriousness though, I think it will be good for events in general as a whole new sector is opening up. Here in Spain, cannabis use is not legal but consumption in private is tolerated and there are smoking clubs like this one below. I don’t smoke but would love to go as it looks great!

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That place in Marbella looks great, even for non-smokers!

The funny thing with smoking (anything) in Canada is that, in general, you can only smoke inside a private residence. Bars, clubs, banquet halls, convention centres, etc. are all 100% smoke free.

That being said, edibles, oils, and vapourizers would be tolerated. This whole “brave new world” territory of legalization is going to be an interesting watch for a bunch of industries. I can only see a benefit for event professionals…unless they start consuming more than they should :wink: