Entering the farmers/ produce market

Hi there. Pleased to share that the number of stallholders is gradually building. How do I tap into the local farmers, or anyone selling produce such as meat and cheese. And is there a difference between selling and serving food when it comes to insurance? Cheers.

Hi @Lisa_Devlin glad to hear it’s going well. You might find this useful: https://farmsunday.org/visit-a-farm - not for the reason it was created but you can search for farms by area on there and then contact them individually. I came across it when I was trying to find farmers willing to display banners in fields to promote an event I was working on when there were no official outdoor sites available. No idea re the insurance though, sorry.

A food festival that I’m involved with is insured with NFU Mutual. If you want to tap into local farmers, contact the local NFU or contact celebrity farmer Gareth Wyn Jones who will be more than happy to help you.


Agricultural societies are worth contacting too. I used to do PR for the South of England Agricultural Society and they hosted their own events, as I’m sure most of them do. So they’ll know all the producers in the area who sell to the public. We used to put out a newsletter to all the members - might be worth asking about a small story or advert to promote the market and your call for traders?


Hi, when it comes to trader insurance, YES, there are slight differences as to who is insured and for what. In the UK anyway!

Street Food Traders in particular are often caught out by going for cheap public liability insurance, ‘covered’ under ‘membership’ schemes, with industry organisations, only to find out, at their cost, that they are not covered for certain types of events.

Some traders may also need product insurance as well as PL insurance. Employee insurance is not something you really need to worry about as an organiser, that’s more an in house issue for the trader, but, I tend to check they cover their staff under their risk assessment.

Check their risk assessment covers the welfare of their staff, set up and break down.

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BTW - your local council will have a list of registered food and drink and businesses in your area. Might be worth making friends with your Environmental Health Team.


Thanks. Very useful information. Really appreciate it. Will definitely investigate further.

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Thanks. Ok. Interesting. Will look into this.


Best of luck. Let us know how you get on and do share any learnings along the way.